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Depending on the time of the year and the weather conditions. 

We have 3 different training venues, based in beautiful Dorset

Spring/Summer 2024



WHEN - Every Wednesday from  10th April.  Arrive 1815 to be on the water by 1830.  Please be prompt as with waning light nights are still dark fairly early.  Usually off the water 1930-2000.


WHERE - Venue will be decided no later than Monday to allow for changing weather conditions.  When hot and sunny as the year progresses this will almost always be at the new club house to allow access to barbecue and a drink.  When not the case it may well be Avon Beach as better access for boards.  Either way we will mix it up on occasion and use BDC, Poole Harbour or the river.


Please can we all make an effort to train together as a club.  We have been, and will continue to do well nationally.  Training together is important to match ourselves against fellow paddlers and bond as a club.  As suggested by Sav once a month there will be a race element with results recorded throughout the season.


Any feedback on sessions will be welcomed.  We will do our best to give you what you want and give a variety of training and venues.


See you all on the water 


Avon Beach

BaySUP Club is the ultimate destination for all paddle enthusiasts. Located on the stunning Avon Beach. We are passionate about providing our members with an unforgettable experience. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or new to racing, our friendly club is here to help you every step of the way.


Stour River

BaySUP Club is an exclusive club situated on the River Stour in Christchurch. We offer a timed 5km TT on the river, as well as regular training sessions. Our club members are passionate about the sport and the river, we are always looking for new members to join us in exploring the beauty of the Stour.


Branksome Dene Chine

Experience the freedom of paddle boarding with the BaySUP Club. Some sessions take place at the stunning Branksome Dene Chine, where you can enjoy the clear water and beautiful scenery. Join today to find upcoming dates. The sea improves all skills, essential for a complete paddler.

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